Please be sure to read each items description before purchasing so that you are fully aware of what it is you are ordering and the turnaround/ processing time for that specific item. 




We accept all major credit / debit cards 


The mailing address attached to the credit or debit card you choose to make your purchase with MUST match the exact same address you wish to have your wig shipped to or the charge will be automatically denied . 




Acknowledgment form: 


After you make a purchase online you will be sent a confirmation email you must reply with the correct statements acknowledging that you are aware of your purchase or your order will be canceled and refunded.






Please note that All Preorder wigs / custom wigs have a turnaround time of 14-21 business days (we do try to get them out before the 14th day but it is not guaranteed)


If you have an event to attend please feel free to email us BEFORE PURCHASING and we will let you know if your order can be received in that timeframe. 


Each product has detailed descriptions PLEASE READ THEM .





If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your order you have 72 hours to contact us via email to resolve the issues . You must return any merchandise Within 72 hours to receive a full refund . Absolutely no exchanges on any products or services . 




Shipping is 1-4 days via UPS